Did you know we offer Personal Training?

In 2019 we added a fully equipped gym for an all in one studio 

Benefits of Personal Training

  • Increases accountability 
  • Boosts your confidence in the gym
  • Helps with goal setting
  • Learn correct forms
  • Get an individualized plan
  • Helps your mental health
  • Anyone can do it!

Our gym is equipped with

A variety of cardio machines including rowers, assault bikes, ellipticals, and a woodway curve treadmill. 

We also have a selection of universal equipment, cable machines, free weights, barbells, dumbells, straight bars, kettlebells, TRX suspension training and much more to give you the personalized workout you deserve.

Start your fitness journey now

By scheduling a free consultation with one our of trainers

Circuit Training Classes

Come join us for a 45-minute circuit training workout where we will focus on muscular strength and endurance through a series of exercises targeting the upper and lower body. The benefit of circuit training will be for those who are wanting to increase bone density, improve cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength, and toning your overall physique to feel better and stronger. It will help tackle weight loss and increase performance in everyday life. 

Circuit Training Single (Drop in)

45 minutes - Group class


Circuit Training 10 Pack

45 minutes - Group classes 




1 hr - Consultation Session


1 hr - Single Session 

Personal Training


1 hr - 5 Sessions

Personal Training


1 hr - 10 Sessions

Personal Training


30 min - Single Session

Personal Training


30 min - 5 Sessions

Personal Training


30 min - 10 Sessions

Personal Training


Our Trainers

Photos coming soon!

Christopher Carter

Chris is certified in personal training in NSCA-CPT, USAW, and USAPL. As well as Opex lvl 1 (continuing). He has a passion for helping others live healthy lives which led him to personal training. He believes fitness should make you move, look, and feel good! Most of his training style focuses on strength and conditioning with a blend in functional movements. He is determined to help people reach their fitness related goals and adopt a healthy active lifestyle! 

Frances Moonen

Frances has been active her entire life whether it has been playing sports or lifting. It has always made a huge impact on her life!

In 2019 she decided to complete her Health and Wellness Specialist Certification through Madison College. During that time she completed her ACE Personal Training Certification as well. 

Frances loves helping people crush their goals and build confidence. She wants to have a positive impact on people and continues to keep in mind that it is about helping people see their own potential in ALL areas! Physically and Mentally!

"The clock is ticking. Are you becoming the person you want to be?"

2569 Peachtree Parkway STE 270, Cumming GA 30041
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