Emily Condensa - Owner, Master Pilates Instructor

Emily has over 20 years experience and has been running her own Pilates Studio for over 12 years. She is trained and certified from Physical Mind which is a more contemporary therapy style. She has been instructing group fitness for 20 plus years. Pre and Post Natal certified. Special trained in scoliosis and also trained in Pilates for Neurological conditions. She focuses on individuals and their goals. She has worked and trained in Atlanta, Chicago, San Diego, Florida, Wisconsin to name a few. She has instructed at many locations including local gyms Lifetime, LA Fitness, YMCA, Ravina Club and Physical Therapy offices. She's worked with many clients from severe back pains, knee pains, arthritic pains, and shoulder pains. Multiple sclerosis, Neurological clients, athletes, doctors, chiropractors, professionals in many fields, and those that are pain-free. Happily married for 25 years with 5 wonderful children. She and her family reside in Alpharetta, Georgia.

About Performance Pilates & Training

We are a family owned and operated studio, offering both Pilates and Personal Training. From one on one sessions to a variety of group classes, all of our instructors and trainers will meet you where you are and help you get where you want to go. We have built a strong community who will encourage you every step of the way, motivate you to challenge yourself, and enjoy the process along the way! With a positive atmosphere, we make it fun to workout! 

We have 8 Reformers/Cadillac machines, 6 Pilates Chairs, 4 Springboards, 4 Fuse Ladders, TRX, and much more, as well as a fully equipped gym! Whether you are beginner or expert, we have options for everyone! Your first visit is FREE so come try out a class or schedule a one on one session/evaluation and start your fitness journey today! 

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Meet the Instructors

Lucia Condensa

Lucia is the Studio Manager and childcare specialist as well as a certified Pilates Mat and Apparatus Instructor.  She is the youngest of 5 kids and has grown up around Pilates her entire life, even in the womb. 

She has always loved taking Pilates and wants others to see the benefit too, which is why she began teaching. Her love for Pilates shows in every class she teaches and she will encourage you to challenge yourself and always makes sure to stretch you out! Her smiling face will greet you at the studio and she is always willing to help or assist you in any way!

Claudette Foster

Claudette has joined Performance Pilates as an instructor for a few years now, although has practiced Pilates under Emily since 2010. She also works in the automotive/motorsports industry, but when she's not at the race track, she's at the studio.
She has competed in 3 sprint triathlons. After sustaining a back injury, she now focuses her daily training in pilates practice and loves sharing her workout with others.
Her curriculum will comprise of creative flow while challenging you to explore the mind-body connection. She teaches group fitness and reformer classes as well as private instruction.

Evette Walter

Evette is a fitness and Pilates instructor. She is the mother of two teenage daughters that love Pilates who take her classes frequently. After a back injury, she came to Pilates and fell in love with the way it made her feel and heal her. 

She is certified in both Pilates Equipment and Mat as well as Corealign. She has been teaching since 2018 and loves working with people. Her passion is helping people in their Pilates practice and to share how Pilates has helped her. 

Heather Thomas 

Heather is certified in Pilates Mat and a certified Pilates Apparatus instructor.

In 2016, Heather decided she need to make a big change in her lifestyle but she knew with her previous back injury she wouldn't be able to anything high impact.  At the urge of neighbor, she tried a Pilates class and fell in love and has been a client ever since.

Two years later when the opportunity of becoming an instructor and helping others with their fitness journey arose, Heather jumped on it! Ever since then, she loves teaching group and private instruction and continues to learn and practice any new Pilates techniques.  

Frances Moonen

Frances has been active her entire life whether it has been playing sports or lifting. It has always made a huge impact on her life! 

In 2019 she decided to complete her Health and Wellness Specialist Certification through Madison College. During that time she completed her ACE Personal Training Certification as well. She then decided to get out of her comfort zone and begin teaching group fitness classes. 

A year later, after taking multiple challenging Pilates classes, Frances made the choice to complete a Pilates Certification through PhysicalMind under TheMethod. She definitely fell in love. The community and energy was like nothing else.  

Frances loves helping people crush their goals and build confidence. She wants to have a positive impact on people and  continues to keep in mind that it is about helping people see their own potential in ALL areas! Physically and Mentally! 

"The clock is ticking. Are you becoming the person you want to be?"

Lorenzo Condensa

Lorenzo just recently joined the Performance Pilates team as an instructor but has been around Pilates his whole life. Whether he was playing baseball, weight lifting, or doing Pilates he grew up learning the importance of staying active. He is a certified Pilates Mat instructor and is working on getting his certification in Pilates Apparatus. 

He wants to help people stay active and  achieve their fitness goals. He adds a fun and unique spin to Pilates and his classes will give you a great workout! With his positive attitude he makes sure to encourage you every step of the way!


Greg Camacho 

Greg has been exercising for the majority of his life and went through a major weight loss journey in High School. That is when he found his passion in teaching others about exercise. He served in the United States Army for 6 years as an infantryman. After that, he coached high school football and track while attending KSU and then chose the route of becoming a firefighter where he served 3.5 years. Through all of these career changes he was always coaching and training people on the side.

Greg has his certification from PTA-Global which is now owned by NSAM. He is also knowledgeable in rehabilitation exercises from his many injuries (multiple requiring surgery) and from volunteering at a physical therapy clinic. Greg specializes in weight loss, powerlifting, distance running programs. and high school athletics (football, track, and baseball).

2569 Peachtree Parkway STE 270, Cumming GA 30041
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