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Hello Pilates & Personal Training Enthusiasts! 

We wanted to remind you of one of the most important reasons to take Pilates or work with a Personal Trainer - to boost your immune system! Working out and staying active is a powerful way to help fight off infections! We care about you and keeping you healthy so we will continue to help you stay moving! From beginner to expert, Performance Pilates & Training has options for every fitness level! 

So, choose to live a strong, healthy, and active life!

Personal Training available upon request!

Want to add something new to your regular workout routine or looking for somewhere to start? Come in for a personal one on one session back in our fully equipped gym area with one of our trainers. They will focus on your needs and goals, working you out in areas you want to improve in Strength Training and/or weight loss! Schedule your free evaluation with one of our trainers today! 

Why Performance Pilates?

We are a family owned and operated studio that treats everyone that walks through our doors like family! As one of the largest Pilates Studios in the southeast, we offer classes you can't find anywhere else! In addition to our Reformer classes, we have All-Cadillac classes and CoreAlign classes. Not as familiar with them? We promise you'll fall in love with them as much as we did! 

The Cadillac has additional spring loaded attachments, loops and bars for an endless amount of gravity-based exercises that can't be done on the Reformer. CoreAlign is a combination of a ladder and a platform with two movable carts. It was designed by a physical therapist to improve posture, balance, and functional movement while in an unstable body position.

We didn't stop there either! We also have Springboard, Pilates Chair, Jumpboard, Kickboxing, Pilates Mat and much more! With a variety of classes and Personal Training in our back gym area we are an all-in-one studio! If you live in the area, stop in for first FREE class or evaluation and experience what Pilates should be!


Pilates Equipment Classes - All-Cadillac Classes - CoreAlign - Cardio Pilates - Pilates Chair - Springboard - Pilates Circuit - Pilates Bootcamp - Pilates Mat - Cardio Kickboxing - Foam Roller - Barre - Circuit Training 

We also offer Private and Semi-Private Lessons in both Pilates and Personal Training - available upon request

Choose what you deserve! 

Pilates - The OG Pilates Class utilizing the reformer for all levels. Whether you want to take it easy or work a little harder depending on how you feel that day, the instructor will offer progressions or modifications on an individual class basis. Using traditional exercises with a contemporary twist this class will help you work on your posture by including all movements of the spine. All while strengthening and lengthening your body to help you feel stronger, increase your flexibility, and focus on finding your core connection. 

Pilates 1.5 - Feel like you need extra Pilates in your life? Get all the benefits of our OG Pilates class for an added 30 minutes to help you get that extra workout or stretch that you need.

Pilates Restore - A Pilates equipment class at a slower pace to focus on finding the mind-body connection. Perfect if you are trying Pilates for the first time or are needing an extra stretch or modifications. You will work on strengthening your core and increasing your flexibility to leave your body feeling restored.

Pilates Aligned - Get the best of both worlds with this combination class utilizing both the Pilates Reformer and the Corealign. Between working on your balance on the Corealign and strengthening your core on the Reformer, you will get everything you need all in one class.

Pilates Challenge - Ready for a challenge? Try this Pilates equipment class with advanced exercises for the Pilates enthusiast that would like to take it up a notch! Using the Reformer and a variety of props this class will go at a little faster pace and push you to your limits. It will leave you feeling energized and accomplished for the day! Highly recommended you are familiar with the equipment and have been doing Pilates for a while.

Pilates Circuit - Get ready to burn some calories and get your heart rate elevated! This is a low impact cardio class with the benefits of Pilates, the burn of training and the cardio of a hit class. Instructor led movements on the reformer and off the reformer for several intervals to then finish off with a nice stretch!

Pilates (Teacher in Training) - Want to take a Pilates equipment class at a reduced price? Try this class with one of our amazing student teachers. Help them learn and get a great workout in the process!

Corealign - CoreAlign® is a combination of a ladder and a platform with two movable carts. It was designed by a physical therapist to improve posture, balance, and functional movement while in an unstable body position (standing, planking, etc). It is part mind-body, part strength, part cardio, and totally unique! CoreAlign® stimulates core stability and muscles have to function in a timely manner as you perform challenging exercises, deep stretches, and core-controlled aerobic training. It is a great way to connect the muscular system to the nervous system leaving you feeling buoyant and strong.

Cadillac Flow - An all-Cadillac class that emphasizes technique and alignment with a focus on utilizing your core. Find the flow of your body through the mind-body connection and working on exercises that keep you engaged to create length and improve your posture. This class will help you increase your flexibility, stability, and strength and make your body move and feel better.

Athletic Cadillac - Designed for those who want a more challenging class, this all-Cadillac class will give you a varied full body workout while keeping the exercises fun! Whether you are sitting, standing, kneeling, lying, or even upside down – it will be the most unique and diverse Pilates class. It will help build long lean muscles while increasing your strength and endurance throughout the entire body.

Cardio Pilates - Looking to get your heart rate up a little? Utilizing the Jumpboard, this Pilates Reformer class will incorporate cardio in an interval format to increase bone density and burn calories. It is a high energy class with quick transitions and plyometric movements that have low impact on your joints. The Jumpboard allows you to have a fun and unique cardio workout that you can't wait to jump into.

Pilates Bootcamp - Go back to the foundation of Pilates with an added aerobic twist with this Pilates Mat class using a variety of props. With endless class variations, you will get a great full body workout that increases strength and flexibility while possibly getting your heart rate up.

Kick-N-Mat - An intense combination class using boxing, kickboxing and athletic conditioning techniques for a sweat-dripping aerobics class designed to get your heart up and burn some calories! A great cross training workout of high intensity cardio and Pilates based strength exercises for all levels.

Pilates Chair - A unique and fun full body workout using different spring resistance, bungees, and the split pedal option. The Pilates Chair offers a challenging workout to increase stability and flexibility. Exercises will have added progressions on an individual class basis to help challenge yourself to the right level. You will work on your balance while strengthening your core for a complete and engaging workout.

Springboard - The Pilates Springboard classes are an upper and lower body conditioning workout for all levels. Help strengthen your core and find your mind-body connection by using this user-friendly equipment that allows you to access the basics of the Cadillac.

Tight Butts No Guts - A Pilates Mat class focused on toning the core and the glutes using a variety of props. Exercises are sure to make you feel the burn and help build lean muscles.

Barre - An interval cardio class with a large focus on the core and lower body, especially the hips and butt. It is a toning, body-weight-lifting workout that engages your muscles with high-reps and low-impact movements.

Foam Roller - A class using the foam rollers to release muscle tension, increase blood flow and promote healing. It is a myofasical release technique to help muscles soreness and maximize your flexibility. It will leave you feeling looser and more engaged in your muscles to have more control over your body.

Pilates Mat – Go back to the foundation of Pilates with this Pilates Mat class using a variety of props. With endless class variations, you will get a great full body workout that increases strength and flexibility with an emphasis on challenging your core with each movement.

Circuit Training - Come join us for a 45-minute circuit training workout back in our fully equipped gym where we will focus on muscular strength and endurance through a series of exercise targeting the upper and lower body. The benefit of circuit training will be for those who are wanting to increase bone density, improve cardiovascular endurance and tone your overall physique to feel better and stronger. Athletic shoes needed.

Strength and Conditioning - This is a muscle building and conditioning class. Exercises will utilize a mixture of equipment and bodyweight to sculpt and define different muscle groups. The class is 45 minutes long. Each class will begin with a warmup then move through complementary circuits to ensure a total body strength training session with a focus on abs as well. The major focus here is strength training and challenging muscular endurance.

Teen Pilates - Pilates class for Middle school or Highschool students utilizing the Pilates equipment, reformer, Cadillac and chair. Focusing on flexibility, strength, core, and stability.

Kids Pilates Mat Class - Looking for a way to keep the kiddos moving? This Pilates Mat class for kids will focus on increasing their flexibility, improving concentration and correcting posture. Will help with core stability as well as lengthening and strengthening exercises that will keep kids moving like kids!

Why should you take Pilates?

1) To improve posture

2) Relief from back pain

3) Increase flexibility 

4) Improve balance & coordination

5) Help aid recovery after injury

6) Increase strength & stamina

7) Reduce chronic pain 

8) Get a good night's sleep

9) To relax and beat stress

10) There's no pain, and plenty to gain!


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